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Tulsa Quilts for Kids
Directors Letter - July, 2011

    It is the time of year when the Directors gather to plan quilting activities for NEXT YEAR!  And it isn’t possible to think about 2012 quilting activities without reflecting on the current year.  We continue to meet marvelous quilters who give so much of themselves . . . no task is too small.  And so it is only fitting that at this time we say Thank You to those who have attended our Saturday Workshop Events, have donated fabric and who have made donation quilts from their homes.  We are grateful for the continued dedication and friendship.   

   Several years ago two events occurred which ultimately led to the creation of Tulsa Quilts for Kids:  (1) becoming grandparents for the first time and (2) the daily broadcasts of evening news reporting stories of children who were being victimized through abuse, neglect, abandonment and serious illnesses.  A great deal of time was spent in answering “what can be done?” and “how could the children receive help?”


    In as much as quilting is an activity we have enjoyed for a number of years, child-oriented quilts were quickly adapted using brightly colored fabrics and prints.  Requests were made for others to join in our mission.  Some had never made a quilt.  So it was obvious . . . a workshop could teach them.  In a short time, our numbers began to increase.  A number of “display” quilts were made as well as an appointment to meet with the Volunteer Board at Saint Francis Hospital.   Additionally, we were graciously guided through the Child Abuse Network’s marvelous new facility where children of abuse are treated (medically and psychologically) and criminal proceedings are instigated against the perpetrator(s).

    The vision to comfort a child . . . and their family . . . during a stressful time in their life continues to make our hearts sing and inspires us to reach out on a daily basis.  At the present time we have a base of approximately 100 quilters and throughout 2009 and 2010 have held four workshops per year at the Quilt Sampler.  Currently 50 quilt kits are made each month for delivery to the Quilt Sampler for distribution to volunteers.   
 To date, over 1,200 quilts have been made and donated to Tulsa’s children in crisis.  Our volunteers have given from their heart and many tears of a child have been turned into smiles.  With proper funding, the continuation of volunteer opportunities, participation, and the appropriate scheduling of activities, our distribution level will increase.  Expansion of our Workshop program and ultimately the number of participants is currently being explored for additional sites within the Tulsa community.

  Being a volunteer is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our community.  You may think it a small gesture, but spreading the word that Tulsa Quilts for Kids is in need of fabric, funding and quilters will make all the difference in the world to us . . . and the children we serve.

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